Who can apply?

LOI applications are open to any principal investigator holding a faculty appointment at the University of Toronto. LOI applicants will be required to obtain institutional endorsement of their research application from the University of Toronto through the “My Research Applications” (MRA) UT website.  Please note that the Neuroscience Catalyst is a unique funding opportunity and is not meant to replace an operating grant.

What is the application and review process?

  • Submitted LOIs by Applicants will undergo review by a Joint Steering Committee (JSC) composed of representatives from the University of Toronto, Janssen Inc. and Johnson & Johnson Innovation. Members of the JSC are subject matter experts and have extensive experience in drug discovery and development in industrial and academic settings, basic and translational research in mood disorders, Alzheimer’s and neurodegenerative disease, as well as extensive experience in biotechnology company creation and investment.
  • Selected Applicants will be invited to meet with the Joint Steering Committee for a face-to-face presentation.
  • The top research teams at this stage (“Finalists”) will then be selected and invited to submit a full-length proposal. These teams will receive important advice and additional expertise required in crafting the full research proposal.
  • Full research proposals submitted by finalists will be sent for external peer advisory review. (Note that applicants will have an opportunity to recommend external peer reviewers at this stage)
  • Top-ranked successful research proposals will be funded according to a budget developed in collaboration with the JSC.

How much funding is available?

Projects will be funded at various levels. Funding is typically available up to $250,000 per project. The duration of funding is not fixed and may be renewable upon successful completion of defined milestones. Whereas this is the typical funding level available per project, the Neuroscience Catalyst also anticipates making greater and/or lesser awards to optimize investments in a portfolio of projects that will yield significant and important results. This LOI is intended to leverage the existing resources, skills and interests within academic laboratories and is not intended to recruit new research personnel, launch major new research directions, fund general operating support for the lab or purchase equipment with applications beyond the project. Subcontracting certain specialized aspects of the work may be permissible with consent from the Neuroscience Catalyst.

What are the allowable Eligible Costs associated with the funding?

Eligible Costs are direct costs of the funded research, including salary and benefit costs for staff involved in Funded Research as well as other project-related costs, including supplies and materials, service contracts, usage fees and technical support for lab equipment and computers.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Members of the Neuroscience Joint Steering Committee will not share the information provided by applicants through the registration and application process except with directors, officers and/or representatives of the University of Toronto, Janssen Inc., Johnson & Johnson Innovation, and their respective affiliates, as deemed necessary. Nonetheless, applicants should not provide confidential information, such as chemical structures, at the LOI stage.

If I am receive funding from the Neuroscience Catalyst, what happens with my Intellectual Property?  All pre-existing intellectual property will remain the exclusive property of the party that created it prior to or independent of the funded research. Ownership of all new Intellectual Property created during the funded research will be determined by the applicable inventions/intellectual property policy of the party who created it.

What about Communications and Publications related to the funded research?

All funding recipients shall have the right to disseminate information or otherwise publish the research results arising in performance of the funded research. Janssen’s support of the funded research should be acknowledged in all such publications.