Neuroscience Catalyst is an innovative collaboration between Janssen Inc., one of the world’s most innovative pharmaceutical companies, Johnson & Johnson Innovation (JJI) and the University of Toronto (U of T), one of Canada’s most renowned research-intensive universities, through its Centre for Collaborative Drug Research (CCDR). Neuroscience Catalyst funds open-source, pre-competitive, early-stage investigations that can progress to clinical treatments for mood disorders and Alzheimer’s disease; chronic diseases that impact hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

How Neuroscience Catalyst Works

Neuroscience Catalyst provides teams of researchers with financial support and access to cutting-edge drug discovery tools and information, as well as access to JJI and Janssen R&D resources, which can lead to accelerated progress toward critical research milestones.

The University of Toronto co-funds the research and creates a structure for soliciting and evaluating proposals from researchers, including the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), St. Michael’s Hospital and other academic hospital research institutions.

Representatives from U of T, JJI and Janssen have a Joint Steering Committee to review research proposals and provide recommendations to the CCDR for external review and approval. The Committee also provides scientific oversight, advice on funded research and will monitor the progress of and review results arising from the research.